Colin Trevorrow confirms there is a completed draft of Star Wars: Episode IX


In an interview with MTV, Star Wars: Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow confirmed a completed draft of Episode IX exists.

As shared by Star Wars News Net, Star Wars: Episode IX director confirmed to MTV that a completed draft of Episode IX exists. But he and Lucasfilm are still hard at work on the film:

"“…we’re writing and we’re designing, and there is a draft, and we’re throwing 110% of our souls into it, so there will be nothing left of me when I’m done.”"

The MTV reporter also asked Trevorrow about the feel of Episode IX in terms of its relationship with past Star Wars films:

"Interview: “Are you treating it as kind of like an end of a trilogy as much as a solo film? Do you have to think about it in those terms?”Reporter: “I think about it in the context of 3 films, 6 films, 9 films and 1 film. It’s a lot.”"

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In the other seven Star Wars saga films, the opening crawl establishes the state of the galaxy and at least one or two of the main characters. This means you can watch any of the Episodes by themselves and not come out confused. At the same time, when watched together the films form a complete story. That dichotomy may be what Trevorrow refers to when he says he thinks about IX “in the context of 3 films, 6 films, 9 films and 1 film.” It needs to work as part of a cohesive whole as well as a good movie in its own right.

With The Last Jedi and the Han Solo standalone movie still to come before Episode IX, it’s unlikely we will learn much about the completed draft Trevorrow mentioned any time soon. So far, we know via the late Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher that General Leia will appear in the film courtesy of recent footage of the actress.  Beyond that, however, the plot of IX remains a mystery. And it will remain a mystery at least until The Last Jedi premieres on December 15, 2017.