Is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic getting a reboot?


Simply put, Knights of the Old Republic was one of the greatest games of its generation – and still holds a special place in the hearts of many fans fifteen years later.

So one can imagine the excitement fans had when previous rumors of a reboot were given some substance last Sunday.

The initial “news” stemmed from journalist Liam Robertson, who, in his podcast reported on by, floated around words like  “revival” and “remake” when talking about Knights of the Old Republic and BioWare Austin. 

Image Credit: Bioware/Lucas Arts

Robertson later went on to claim that this BioWare project would not be a high-definition remake, but a way of re-introducing the Old Republic era into the new canon established by Disney. To date, there have only been brief references to this era in the post-Disney Star Wars saga. 

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Naturally, the hype clothes-lined when Robertson later explained in an e-mail to Kotaku that he “misspoke.” Apparently, Robertson’s claims were based on an old rumor suggesting that BioWare had been working on an updated version of Knights of the Old Republic, but that project either morphed into something else or was canceled.

The one shred of information that does seem to be accurate is that BioWare is working on a Star Wars project. Whether this project is related to the Old Republic era or something else is completely up in the air.

But it’s probably safe to say that ‘BioWare’ plus ‘new Star Wars project’ equals a great combination. BioWare has a proven track record with hit series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, so a reunion between the two properties would be well-received. Perhaps more details will come this weekend during Star Wars Celebration or E3 in June.