Watch the Star Wars Battlefront II trailer and read our thoughts about the new game


The Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer has been released, and yes, it’s more amazing than you think.

One of the things I was most looking forward to during Star Wars Celebration was the unveiling of the Battlefront II trailer. Well, we got that, and more. There are four sections I’d like to cover, so let’s get started!

When I heard they were making a Battlefront II, a friend and I talked about which heroes we wanted to see. Two of my main choices were Darth Maul and Yoda. Well, it looks like I’ll get my wish. Darth Maul and Yoda will be in

Image Credit: EA/Lucasfilm

Darth Maul and Yoda will be in Battlefront II. But not only will the tattooed Sith, and little green Jedi be in the new installment, we’ll also see Kylo Ren, Rey, and many more characters from the Star Wars cinematic universe.

But who else did they put in the game? I’m sure more details will be revealed before the game is released this November, but until then, let’s speculate a bit, eh?

One guy that comes to mind is Qui-Gon Jinn. Now, although he isn’t much of a fan favorite, in my opinion, I could still see him being put in the game. Another character that comes to mind is Captain Phasma. Adding Phasma to this already star-studded cast would put this game over the top.

Image Credit: EA/Lucasfilm

One of my biggest complaints about Battlefront I was the space battles. For me, it’s almost impossible to be successful while flying an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter. I hope they added some better ways to evade being shot at while making it a little easier to get kills.

Image Credit: EA/Lucasfilm

Multiplayer is one thing that every gamer expects to be great. If you put out a video game and the online multiplayer sucks, you might as well chalk your game up as a failure. But thankfully, the Battlefront I online multiplayer was awesome. So, I expect the same thing for Battlefront II.

Except…I’m expecting more.

More maps, more weapons, and more modes. One detail that was revealed, was the option for weapon customization, which is a pretty sweet addition. That’s the one thing I loved about the Call of Duty games: You could add a ton of different attachments to your weapon.

Another thing I hope they add to Battlefront II is the ability to have a side-arm. A weapon that you could bring into a match other than your primary weapon. But I don’t want a secondary weapon to have to eat up one of my cards. I’m picky…I know.

Image Credit: EA/Lucasfilm

Last, but certainly not least, Battlefront II is going to have a single-player campaign mode. I’m a sucker for a good campaign mode, so I was a little disappointed when I found out that Battlefront I didn’t have it.

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But, in order to have a good campaign mode, you’ve got to have a good story. Well, I think the people behind Battlefront II have given us a great story, at least it seems that way. In single player mode, you play as Commander Iden Versio. Commander Versio is the head of Inferno Squad which is a special forces unit of the Empire.

The story takes place between Episode VI and Episode VII. Shortly after they complete a mission on the planet of Endor, they turn around to see the Death Star exploding, everything gone. For me, this is an exciting story, and I can’t wait to play through it.

Star Wars: Battlefront II releases worldwide on November 17th, 2017. For more info on the game, please visit EA.

We want to hear from you: Are you excited for Battlefront II? Do you still play the 2015 version? Let’s discuss in the comments.