Disney to launch new online show called ‘Science and Star Wars’


“Science and Star Wars” is a new webseries which will debut through Disney’s recently announced Disney Digital Network, the Mouse’s home for online content.

Tuesday morning, the Walt Disney Company announced the Disney Digital Network: the Mouse’s home for all their online content (via Variety). To build the network further, Disney will launch several new original webseries, including a Star Wars show titled “Science and Star Wars.”

The Disney Digital Network is Disney’s new initiative to appeal to millennials and Generation Z (the generation of people following millennials). The Star Wars-themed webseries will combine technology from the galaxy far, far away with real-world scientific developments and the minds behind them.

Read the official synopsis of “Science and Star Wars” below, from Variety:

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"“Series that explores, explains, and demonstrates parallels between the Lucasfilm sci-fi epic and real-world scientific breakthroughs the saga has inspired. The IBM-sponsored series, hosted by Anthony Carboni, will feature IBM researchers, science experts, guest stars, and IBM’s Watson artificial-intelligence platform. It will run exclusively on Facebook through the Facebook Anthology branded-content program.”"

The new webseries will debut online sometime in 2017.

“Science and Star Wars” is a fantastic premise for a webseries. I can’t wait to see what kind of technology the franchise has inspired and whether some tech (like lightsabers and highly intelligent robots) is even possible. And I love that it encourages young people to combine their love of science with their fandom.

We will watch this show with great interest!