Why is Star Wars Day celebrated on May the Fourth?


Why do we celebrate Star Wars Day every year on May 4? Is there any reason besides the fact “May the fourth” sounds like the phrase “May the Force” from the movies?

The first six Star Wars movies premiered in theaters in May. The Han Solo movie and Episode IX are slated to premiere in the month of May, as well. That month clearly has a deep connection to Star Wars for many fans. But all the franchise’s live-action movie premieres in May, past and future take place in the latter weeks of the month. So why was May 4 chosen as “Star Wars Day”? Is there any reason other than the similar sounds between “May the fourth” and “may the Force”?

Actually, nope. The similarity in sound is pretty much the only reason.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

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The answer according to StarWars.com is fans made it so (pardon the Star Trek pun). “May the fourth” sounds so much like “may the Force” from the movies that it’s almost as if the day was preordained to be Star Wars-themed. Thanks to fan support, the phrase “May the fourth be with you” caught on and the day became what Lucasfilm called a “grassroots tradition.” Today, Lucasfilm recognizes the day as an official Star Wars holiday, which means it’s no longer just a localized movement. The company celebrates the day by releasing new videos (like a 2-D animated clip of BB-8) and partnering with other companies to offer Star Wars Day shopping deals. Fan and company support combined means that the phrase “May the fourth be with you” is known to fans and non-fans all over the world.

So as you’re drinking your blue milk or having a Star Wars movie marathon, know that it is your love as a fan that made Star Wars Day on May 4 possible.