Han Solo set in Fuerteventura suggests Han goes to a desert planet, again


A bird’s eye view of the young Han Solo standalone movie set in Fuerteventura reveals the environment of the set as a desert.

It looks like Star Wars will go back to the desert in the young Han Solo standalone movie.

On May 9, Latin American Star Wars fansite tweeted a bird’s eye view photo of the Han Solo movie set in Fuerteventura (via io9). The photo was first released by the island’s local news outlet, NoticiasFuerteventura.

The island of Fuerteventura features many different types of landscapes, but it appears that Lucasfilm chose one of its desert locations for their shoot.

Check out the set photo in the tweet from Prensa Imperial below.

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Given that there are two major desert planets in Star Wars – Tatooine and Jakku – it’s impossible to tell which one the above set depicts. Alternatively, the set could also represent an entirely different planet. Mandalore, for example, is basically a desert world with the cities contained in a huge biodome.

Admittedly, it makes sense that Han would go to Tatooine or Jakku in his standalone movie. Tatooine is, after all, a hive of scum and villainy. Furthermore, it is the base of operations for Jabba the Hutt,  whom we know Han was working for before the events of A New Hope. Jakku is also a good contender because Han recognized its name in The Force Awakens. He even said of it, “That junkyard?” meaning he knows what it’s popular for, too. It is possible he visited the planet in his youth. On the other hand, he may just recognize Jakku as the world over which the New Republic and the Empire had their final battle.

Are you excited for a potential return to Tatooine in the young Han Solo movie? Or do you hope for a totally new desert world? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

The as-yet untitled young Han Solo movie premieres in theaters on May 25, 2018. According to NoticiasFuerteventura, filming for the standalone will continue on the island throughout May and June.