From a Certain Point of View Star Wars anthology adds eight new authors


From a Certain Point of View, the upcoming Star Wars anthology featuring 40 stories by 40 different authors, added eight new writers on the 40th anniversary of the premiere of A New Hope.

In April 2017, Del Rey and Lucasfilm announced the release an anthology of Star Wars short stories titled From a Certain Point of View. In 40 stories written by 40 different authors, the anthology will take a look at A New Hope from the perspectives of the background characters in the Cantina on Tatooine. The entire book is, basically, a celebration of the science fiction franchise’s 40th anniversary.

Then yesterday, in honor of A New Hope‘s theater premiere birthday, Del Rey announced eight new authors who will contribute to From a Certain Point of View. Five of the writers are already familiar with the Star Wars universe and should be familiar to readers, as well. Charles Soule wrote Marvel’s Obi-Wan and Anakin and Lando comic miniseries; Beth Revis’s first Star Wars novel, Rebel Rising released in early May 2017; Ian Doescher wrote Shakespeare-inspired versions of all seven Star Wars saga movie scripts; Greg Rucka penned two middle-grade Star Wars books and the script for a comic, Shattered Empire; and Pablo Hidalgo, best known as a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group, is the author of several visual guides for the films as well as an expert on all things Star Wars.

Image credit: Del Rey

Now for the newcomers. A lot of avid readers will recognize the name “Pierce Brown.” Brown is the author of the bestselling young adult trilogy, Red Rising. Currently, he is working on a new book series which takes place in the same universe as his debut. Last but not least, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction, two comic book writers, will collaborate for their anthology contribution.

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The author I am most excited about among this new crop is Pierce Brown. His Red Rising books are the kind of books you keep reading late into the night because you don’t want to stop. I’m looking forward to learning which Cantina character he writes about and if he implements the same edge-of-your-seat writing style as he did for Red Rising. Then again, I can’t wait to read all of these stories because there are so many great authors and fun characters for them to focus on.

For a fuller list of the authors writing short stories for From a Certain Point of View, head to the book’s official Penguin-Random House listing. Keep watching the news, though, because there are still more authors yet to be announced.

Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View releases in hardcover on October 7, 2017.