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5. There will be new cities and other things in The Last Jedi.

Vanity Fair did go through what fans can expect in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as well as what they shouldn’t expect. Here’s a list of what will be in the film:

  • The casino city of Canto Bight will be introduced. 
  • Laura Dern plays a high ranking officer in the Resistance: Admiral Holdo.
  • Benicio Del Toro plays a shady character known only to the production staff as “DJ.”
  • Kelly Marie Tran plays Resistance maintenance worker, Rose Tico.
  • Director Rian Johnson used loads of handbuilt sets, just like J.J. Abrams did in The Force Awakens.

And here’s what not to expect in the film:

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  • No big romance (sorry Reylo shippers).
  • No “major” creature character like Yoda or Maz Kanata.
  • No new music from Lin-Manuel Miranda (we hope you weren’t expecting a follow-up to Jabba Flow).
  • No political theme or jabs at the real world state of politics. 
  • No introduction of Force powers in Finn (sometimes people swing lightsabers who aren’t Jedi or Sith).

Whether you’re a fan of what’s to come in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, or you’re not (and you hate nice things), one thing is clear, the next installment in the Star Wars saga of films is in more than capable hands with Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres worldwide on December 15, later this year.