Target to release exclusive Darth Vader in TIE Fighter Funko Pop!


On May 31, Funko announced an upcoming Pop! set that features Darth Vader sitting in his TIE Fighter Advanced, available exclusively at Target.

Darth Vader should always appear terrifying, but it’s hard to look anything but adorable when you are a Funko Pop! figure.

On Wednesday, Funko announced an exclusive Star Wars Pop! set, available exclusively at Target mid-June. The set features Darth Vader seated atop his TIE Fighter Advanced from A New Hope. Beneath the TIE, the display base resembles the trenched surface of the First Death Star where Vader encounters his son, Luke Skywalker for the first time.

Image credit: Funko

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I am impressed by the structure and detail of this Funko Pop! set. With its three different layers – Death Star, TIE and Vader – it is more visually interesting than just a lone character in an action pose. This set also reminds me of other similarly layered Star Wars Pop! figures, like Rey on her speeder and Luke Skywalker on his Tauntaun. It’s fun to see Funko branch out into less traditional designs for their bobbleheads.

Funko did not specify a price for Darth Vader and his TIE. A single Funko Pop! bobblehead typically costs $8.99 on But if the Pop! is exclusive, it may cost more. For example, the Qui-Gon Jinn holographic form bobblehead is a Target exclusive product and costs $14.99 on So keep in mind that the Darth Vader Pop! is also likely to cost a little extra.

Look for the Darth Vader in TIE Advanced Pop! Deluxe! set at Target starting mid-June, 2017.