5 Star Wars characters who should get their own Marvel comic series

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3. Evaan Verlaine

Image Credit: Marvel (via StarWars.com)

Evaan Verlaine made her debut as a Star Wars character in Marvel’s Princess Leia miniseries. So she should feel right at home in the comic book medium for readers.

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I adore Evaan for several reasons. First, she is the first canon female character who acts as a friend to Princess Leia. Usually, we see Leia surrounded by men. It’s refreshing that in her comic series, which is set right after the events of A New Hope, she finds someone of her gender to empathize with.

Second, Evaan is a no-nonsense personality, even more so than Leia. She doesn’t even like Leia when she first meets her because she thinks the princess doesn’t feel any pain for the fate of Alderaan, which was also Evaan’s home planet. It was fun and realistic to come across a character who didn’t exhibit any hero worship.

Finally, Evaan is a loyal friend and a good leader. Leia comes to trust her so much that she installs Evaan as the new princess of the remnant colonies of Alderaan. At the end of the last issue of Princess Leia, the former pilot leads her people into the stars to find more Alderaanian survivors and a new home. If that ending isn’t the precursor to lots of fun adventures, I don’t know what is. That’s why Marvel needs to give Evaan her own comic series.