Check out this Star Wars Battlefront II-inspired dress by Elhoffer Design


At E3, actress Janina Gavankar hosted the Star Wars Battlefront II panel wearing a dress inspired by her character, Iden Versio, and designed by Elhoffer Design of Los Angeles.

On Saturday at E3, Los Angeles’s annual video game convention, Electronic Arts held the Star Wars Battlefront II panel where they debuted the game’s newest trailer. The panel was hosted by actress Janina Gavancar, who provided the motion capture, voice and face model for the game’s main character, Iden Versio.

Arguably the best part of the panel, however, was not the trailer but the dress Gavancar wore. Created by Elhoffer Design, an independent fashion company in Los Angeles, the dress was inspired by the outfit Gavankar’s character wears in Battlefront II.

Check out two photos of the dress from Elhoffer Design’s online store below.

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

In addition to a stylish structure, the Galactic Commander dress comes with pockets and a high level of twirl-ability. Watch Gavankar twirl in the dress below, via Kate Elhoffer’s Instagram page.

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Currently, the Galactic Commander Dress is available for pre-order on the Elhoffer Design website. Its pre-order price is $150, and it comes in several sizes and two different colors: black or white.

I love, love LOVE this dress. In fact, I love everything Star Wars-inspired Kate Elhoffer’s designs. So much Star Wars fashion is just generic t-shirts, but Elhoffer’s dresses, cardigans and ponchos are expertly tailored and fun to wear. I recently purchased her Galactic Dusk Poncho, a design based on Padme Amidala’s lake dress in Attack of the Clones. Trust me when I say it is more beautiful in person than online! Now, I’m tempted to order the Battlefront II-inspired dress so I can get my Imperial on at the office.

View and purchase the Galactic Dusk Poncho, the Galactic Commander Dress and all of Elhoffer Design’s fabulous pieces on