Star Wars Expanded Universe fans want to boycott The Last Jedi


This is why we can’t have nice things. There is a small Star Wars Legends (Expanded Universe) fan-movement that wants you to boycott The Last Jedi…

Some people are just never happy. No matter how much you try to please them, they simply won’t allow happiness to exist alongside the miserable existence they call their lives. There is currently a small-ish Facebook movement of Star Wars Legends fans (formerly Expanded Universe) who want to boycott Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The Facebook group, Disney’s Star Wars movies are fanfiction. Long live the Expanded Universe. (Yes, that’s their real name), has been gathering up “angry” Star Wars fans in the hopes that their vitriolic splatter will force Disney to rethink its decision to relegate the EU to Star Wars Legends, thus reintroducing the entire Expanded Universe back into the current Star Wars canon.

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The group was founded in 2014, has around 2,000 likes, and attempted — yet failed spectacularly — to boycott The Force Awakens in 2015. Their information page on Facebook reads like this:

"We love the Star Wars Expanded Universe. It is a collection of original canon and true stories set in the Star Wars universe, and we want Disney to continue its timeline."

Okay, well, no, it’s not “original canon” anymore. In fact, it is called Legends (I think we covered that sufficiently, don’t you?), and Disney owns it all now, so they have the right to pick and choose whatever storylines they want from the former EU, and make it “new canon,” so get used to it.

The angry little group’s Facebook page is filled with photos like this one, where one of the page’s admins encourages all EU fans to use it as their FB photo. As if Disney would even blink an eye at this nonsense.

There’s also this little gem, outright stating they are going to boycott The Last Jedi.

Again, this is why we can’t have anything nice. Star Wars fans of all genres in the Saga, need to be thankful that we now get a movie a year, all-new books, and all-new characters. And please, let’s all remember, Star Wars was a stagnant franchise until Disney breathed new life into it.

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So, you go ahead and boycott Star Wars: The Last Jedi if you want. I’ll be sitting in my local cinema, on December 15, eating popcorn and watching one of the most anticipated sequels in recent history…and laughing. Laughing at your angry protest that will accomplish absolutely nothing.