New product images and street dates for Forces of Destiny dolls


New product images and street release dates surfaced for Hasbro’s Star Wars Forces of Destiny line of dolls inspired by Star Wars heroines.

As a female Star Wars fan with a secret (well, not anymore) fetish for dolls, I am beyond excited about Hasbro’s Forces of Destiny toy line. The line is inspired by an upcoming animated micro-series featuring one to two-minute-long stories about the heroines of the Star Wars universe. Each episode, which Disney and Lucasfilm will release on YouTube starting in July or August, will highlight a different heroine. Eventually, the series and the line will expand to male characters, as well, like Kylo Ren.

The coolest part of the Forces of Destiny initiative, aside from the animated micro-series, is the dolls. At 11 inches tall, these figures of Leia, Rey, Sabine Wren, Jyn Erso and Ahsoka Tano are designed as hybrids of action figures and dress-up dolls. Each character features posable joints and cool accessories like blasters, staffs and lightsabers. While some parts of their outfits are painted on, others are made of cloth and are removable. One of the Leia sets even comes with a separate outfit so you can change the doll’s clothes from head to toe.

Image Credit: Hasbro (via Target)

There are three different Forces of Destiny doll sets. One is a standard single figure set which according to costs only $19.99. The other set is called an “Adventure Figures and Friends” assortment and comes with a figure and a little “friend,” and costs $24.99. Rey’s “Adventure Figures and Friends” set, for example, comes with a tiny BB-8, while Ahsoka’s version comes with a Tooka.

The final set is simply called “Endor Adventure.” It is the only set so far which comes with a figure, a friend and multiple outfits. The “Endor Adventure” is the Leia product I referred to above.

Earlier in June, – a fansite which has proved accurate regarding Star Wars toy release dates – published an article revealing the street dates of the first wave of Forces of Destiny dolls. On Thursday, June 22, Yakface published a second article in which they unveiled new product images of some of the dolls. You can view those images here.

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As for the street dates, we have those for you below.

  • “Rey of Jakku”, single figure – July 1
  • “Sabine Wren,” single figure – July 1
  • “Jyn Erso,” single figure – July 1
  • “Rey with BB-8,” “Adventure Figures and Friends” – September 1, AKA Force Friday
  • “Princess Leia Organa with R2-D2,” “Adventure Figures and Friends” – September 1, AKA Force Friday

The release dates of the “Endor Adventure” is “TBA” on Yakface. Likewise, a date for the Ahsoka Tano “Adventure Figures and Friends” figure has not been discovered.

If you’re a toy collector who utilizies UPCs, Target DPCIs and Wal-Mart SKUs, you can find those for the figures above on here.

The official release date of the Forces of Destiny line is August 1, with products exclusive to Target hitting that store on July 30.