Star Wars Creature Profiles: Zillo Beast from The Clone Wars


In this installment of Star Wars Creature Profiles, we tremble in fear and awe as we learn about the gigantic Zillo Beast from The Clone Wars CG-animated series.

Tremble in fear! The Zillo Beast is here!

Actually, we love the Zillo Beast, and that’s why we wrote a Star Wars Creature Profile about it. This monster from The Clone Wars CG-animated series is big, powerful and completely awesome. Learn more about it below.

What is it?

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

The Zillo Beast is a 97-meter (nearly 320 feet!) -long, four-legged, lizard-like creature (Godzilla, but ganglier). Its hide is incredibly strong and impervious to damage from laser blasts, bombs and lightsabers. The indestructibility of the Zillo Beast, as well as its semi-sentience, made it of interest to Emperor Palpatine during the Clone Wars, and he had it brought to Coruscant for research. Later, he ordered his chief scientist to clone the creature, though the fruits of that labor have not appeared in any canon so far.

Where does it live?

The Zillo Beast is a native of Malastare. During the Clone Wars, the Zillo Beast is transported from its home planet to Coruscant, where the Senate and the Jedi Temple are located.

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What Star Wars story does it appear in?

The Zillo Beast appears in an arc of episodes in season 2 of The Clone Wars CG-animated series.

How is it important to Star Wars storytelling?

The Zillo Beast is a fun creature to tell stories about. It shows a different, ancient side to the Star Wars galaxy. In The Clone Wars, the Zillo Beast is awakened on Malastare by a proton bomb blast during a battle between Republic and Separatist forces. Then, when the creature is brought to Coruscant for study, it breaks loose of the research facility and wreaks havoc on the city. It’s just like an installment of Godzilla, only it’s Star Wars so it’s much cooler. It’s just too bad that the Republic felt it had to resort to poisoning the creature to stop it from destroying everything. But the Zillo Beast may rise again, this time as a clone in the Emperor’s service.

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