New Funko Pop! Ewok and Bespin 3-packs are headed to Wal-Mart this summer


Get ready for adorableness: Funko is releasing two new Pop! 3-packs, one full of Ewoks and the other featuring characters from Cloud City, at Wal-Mart this summer.

Most Funko Pop! figures are cute. Regardless of the cuteness of the characters they are inspired by, Pops are considered adorable because of their huge heads and big black eyes.

But what happens when you make a Funko Pop! figure out of characters who are already adorable?

The official Funko blog provided the answer on Friday. Now, take a gander at the Pop! Ewok 3-pack releasing in Wal-Mart stores in late July and witness the implosion of cuteness for yourself.

Image Credit: Funko

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There’s no doubt the little guys above — Teebo, Chief Chirpa and Logray, to be specific — look like teddy bears. But they’re also kind of scary. Check out the skulls the one on the far left and the one of the far right wear and the staffs in their hands. Teebo’s (the Ewok on the far left) staff even has a tiny axe on it. Remember, these noble creatures were a big part of why the Rebel Alliance won the day on Endor in Return of the Jedi. So while you bask in their cuteness, remember they are also heroes and cool characters in their own right.

The other 3-pack of Pop! figures arriving at Wal-Mart in late August might be more universally appealing (there are some Star Wars fans, after all, who don’t appreciate the Ewoks). I like this one simply because it has one of the coolest characters from The Empire Strikes Back in it: Lobot, Lando Calrissian’s trusty sidekick in Cloud City. The whole pack is Bespin-themed; Lobot is accompanied by an Ugnaught and a Bespin guard. Take a look at them below.

Image Credit: Funko

The official Funko blog didn’t list prices for these new packs. However, the Funko Pop! Star Wars Cantina Set 3-pack is currently priced at $26.78 on I expect these new ones will fall into the same price range, between $25 and $30.

Which of the above sets is your favorite? Comment below.