First episodes of Forces of Destiny airs


Rey and BB-8 are at it again in this Star Wars Forces of Destiny short…

The first Star Wars: Forces of Destiny aired recently and it features Rey and BB-8 having an adventure on Jakku. As you might imagine, because this short takes place on the desert planet of Jakku, the timeline for the story is in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Watch Star Wars Forces of Destiny Episode Sands of Jakku. below.

"Rey fends off a creature that wants to devour her new friend, BB-8."

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As you can see, this moment takes place as BB-8 and Rey are returning to her home in the abandoned and overturned Empirical AT-AT Walker. In fact, this short could easily be an outtake from The Force Awakens, it fits in so nicely.

We also get to see Rey use the Force as she calls her staff to come to her outstretched hand, as she’s fleeing the sand beast. Rey always exhibited powerful Force tendencies in the film, and this is just a subtle reminder.

Finally, we see that Rey has compassion for the beast, as she finds replacement junk for its food, instead of feeding it BB-8. A Jedi should always show compassion in the face of fear. Boy, would her daddy…erm her master Luke Skywalker be proud.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny, is an original series of animated shorts in which each heroine explores untold stories. Other Star Wars characters you can expect to see are:

  •  Jyn Erso
  • Princess Leia
  • Sabine Wren
  • Padmè Amidala
  • Ahsoka Tano

Disney plans on other Star Wars heroines making their debut through the animated short, and we’ll find out who they will be, soon.