Christie Golden talks writing from the Empire’s PoV for Inferno Squad


The prequel novel to Star Wars Battlefront II — Inferno Squad — hits stores on Tuesday, July 25, and author Christie Golden is talking about her experiences writing from the Empire’s point of view…

Going back to 2009, author Christie Golden has written four Star Wars novels. Her most recent foray into that galaxy far, far away — Star Wars: Dark Disciple — was an absolute masterpiece that told a story from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Now, Golden’s fifth Star Wars novel, Star Wars: Inferno Squad, is about to be released on July 25, and the author was interviewed at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con by The Verge, and was asked a myriad of questions, including how she felt about writing from the point of view of the Empire.

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Talking to the point of pitting the Empire’s elite Inferno Squad against the remnants of Saw Gerrera’s extremist rebels, Golden makes a great point:

"The thing is, there’s a person under the helmets. I was trying to build up their quirks, their sense of humor, the things that are important to them, because everyone’s got them. So you take these two super-gray sides and put them together, and ask, “Okay, who’s the bad guy?” And then you’re like, “uh?” and have trouble picking out who is on the right side."

Golden remarks how writing Inferno Squad has made her think twice about all those nameless people under the helmets, and that rewatching the Star Wars films will be a different experience now.

Star Wars: Inferno Squad hits shelves tomorrow, July 25.