Could Darth Vader make an appearance in Star Wars: Han Solo?


Some new information has surfaced regarding a possible appearance by Darth Vader in the untitled Star Wars: Han Solo film…

The last time we saw Darth Vader was in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as he was rampaging his way through an airlock, decimating an entire squadron of rebel pilots on his way to find the stolen Death Star plans.

Actor Spencer Wilding played the imposing Sith Lord in Rogue One, and thanks to an announcement from Fandom Fest, we now know that Wilding is supposedly canceling appearances in order to film another Star Wars film.

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While this announcement does not confirm which Star Wars film Wilding will be filming, it does gives a clue. “The newest film” could mean the untitled Han Solo film. And, if that’s the case, then Wilding could be reprising his role as the menacing Darth Vader. But to what end?

There are only so many ways that Vader could fit into a Han Solo origins film. If Han Solo causes trouble for the Empire by stealing and smuggling its shipments, then the Emperor’s enforcer might have to step in.

Conversely, Darth Vader was once known as the Empire’s most deadly and fastest pilot — just like Anakin was — and he might use those skills to give chase to Han Solo and his smuggling friends at some point in the film.

Either way, we still do not know that Wilding will be playing Vader in Han Solo. He is a rather larger actor who could be filling out a Wookiee costume since we know Chewbacca and his kind will absolutely play a role.

Han Solo is set to hit theaters in May of 2018.