Star Wars: Darth Maul Comic Review ⸺ Part 2 of 5


Darth Maul’s Jedi hatred runs deep into the past…

In our review for Darth Maul: Issue #1, we see how badly the Sith apprentice is itching to get some action against the Jedi. Against the wishes of his master Darth Sidious, Maul has been stalking the ancient enemy of the Sith from the shadows. Maul now has the opportunity to kill his first Jedi, but at what cost? *Spoilers Ahead*

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Maul travels to Nar Shaddaa, known as the smuggler’s moon, seeking out information on a captured Jedi Padawan. A fight breaks out when Maul converses with a bartender, who happens to be a fellow Zabrak while asking for the whereabouts crime lord Xev Xrexus.

He is attacked by a mob of scum and villainous patrons but is able to fend them off without the use of his lightsaber. A trio of bounty hunters come to his aid, Aurra Sing and Cad Bane from the Clone Wars era, and a mosquito-like species in Vorhdeilo.

Cad Bane reveals to Maul that he has found the location of Xerxes, who is holding the Jedi Padawan prisoner.

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While in transit to that very location, Maul meditates within the Force, where we get a look into why Maul’s hatred for the Jedi runs so deep.

Through Maul’s vision, we are taken back to when he is just a young boy, where he and his master travel to Malachor, an ancient Sith planet. Sidious intends to teach him the roots of what lead to the extinction of the Sith.

Maul learns that the Sith were dealt a heavy blow by the Jedi when a major battle took place on Malachor long ago. Sidious instructs Maul to breathe in the ashes of one, of the many, Sith Lords who were scourged during this conflict.

He is then able to sense the pain and despair of the Sith who was slain that fateful day. He also sees the faces of the Jedi who dealt that heavy blow. It’s at that point that Maul first seeks the revenge of the Sith.

Once Maul and the group of bounty hunters arrive at the hideout of Xrexus, Maul finds the location of the Jedi Padawan.

The issue ends when Maul ventures into the cell where the Jedi is being held captive and discovers that the padawan is a female Twi’lek. Issue #2 was my favorite within this five story arc. It was so much fun digging into why Maul’s hate for the Jedi runs so deep. Hearing the thoughts of Maul and the hatred that fuels his desire to destroy the Jedi was so insightful.

When Cad Bane and Aurra Sing surprisingly join Maul on his quest, it brought back the nostalgic feels to the max. Those two bounty hunters were such a great addition to the Clone Wars animated series and it was interesting to learn more about them.

I also found it intriguing that Maul, like Vader later on, hired bounty hunters to help him in his personal quest in seeking out Jedi.

These additional Easter eggs from Issue #2 made my geek heart sing:


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This ancient Sith planet was first seen in canon on Star Wars Rebels, and before it in Star Wars legends. In Rebels; Ahsoka, Ezra, and Kanan travel there to learn more about how to defeat the Sith.

While inside of the Sith temple, Maul quotes a lesson he learned from his initial dark side training.

"“Far above, far below. What once was great is rendered small.”"

That lesson is a reference to the Clone Wars Season 4 episode: Brothers, where Maul is found by his brother Savage Oppress. Even though Maul had lost his mind, he was still clinging to the teachings of hatred that preserved his life.

That episode of the Clone Wars is my favorite of the entire series, so you can imagine what I was feeling when Maul referenced that quote in this issue.

Grakkus the Hutt 

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A cameo from Grakkus the Hutt, known Jedi artifact collector, was a nice touch to the Issue. The first visual appearance from the sentimental Hutt was in Marvel: Star Wars #9 when the slug tries to add Luke Skywalker to his collection of Jedi artifacts.

We then get more of Grakkus in Han Solo # 3, then once again in our Journey to The Force Awakens in Poe Dameron # 9.

Grakkus has become one of my favorite additions to the new canon, due to the fact that we’ve been given a lot more of the ancient Jedi lore through his story arc. So when he popped up in the latest Maul issue, it was an unexpected treat, to say the least.

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