Star Wars: Darth Maul Comic Review ⸺ Part 4 of 5


Maul crash lands on a planetary moon with the Jedi Padawan. Their rivalry is put on hold, as the two must work together with a trio of bounty hunters to survive…

*Spoilers ahead*

Maul, along with the trio of bounty hunters and the Padawan(who goes by the name of Eldra Kaitis), crash land on the moon of Drazkel. They survive without any major injuries, but the crime lord Xrexus puts a new bounty out (more of a hunting game really). Anyone who can afford the expensive entry fee will have the opportunity to kill any of the skilled survivors they are able to hunt down.

Eldra, still bound by handcuffs, is tracked down by Darth Maul, who taunts the Padawan once again, telling her that she was fated to die when she first stepped foot into the Jedi Temple.

However, with a dangerous hunting party approaching, the duo, along with the bounty hunters, must work together to survive. They are able to fend off the pack of hunters, which include crime lords and other bounty hunters, without much trouble.

Darth Maul is very impressed by the skill of the Padawan and even muses at the fact that she would have made a great Sith apprentice, but would rather kill her instead.

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The issue concludes with the two finally able to duel it out, with Maul’s actions now creating much risk. If he loses, then Eldra will reveal to the Jedi, and the Galaxy as a whole, that the Sith have returned. If Maul is the victor, he still could face the wrath of his Master for disobeying his wishes of waiting to engage the Jedi.

I enjoyed the fact that Maul and Eldra were forced to work together in order to survive. Using a contrast of different philosophies, both proved to be effective even collectively. Maul’s thoughts even ventured into betraying his Master, which is the path a Sith apprentice eventually attempts, but he decides his hatred for the Jedi outweigh that option, at least for now.

The ending of the issue sets up an inevitable duel between the light and dark, with the outcome predictable due to the fact that we know the Sith are kept secret until the events of The Phantom Menace. The only thing in question is whether not Darth Sidious finds out about Maul’s actions, and if so, what consequences will he face?

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