Star Wars Character spotlight: Ahsoka Tano

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Ahsoka’s untold tales

She then requested the help of her former Master Anakin Skywalker and mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi, in capturing Maul, but Anakin and Obi-Wan were then dispatched to Coruscant to save the kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, while Ahsoka was left with a handful of clones, including her friend Captain Rex, to handle Maul on their own.

Her former Master Anakin Skywalker told Ahsoka how proud of her he was and returned to her the lightsabers she left on Coruscant months before she departed the Jedi Order. Ahsoka accepted her lightsabers but still was not a Jedi.

Ahsoka went on to defeat Maul, but in the chaos of the Jedi slaughter of Order 66, he escaped.

Being marked as a Jedi still, even though she didn’t feel the same way, she flees, going into hiding to survive.

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Once Ahsoka found her place within the Force, and in the galaxy, she constructed her new lightsabers, with both blades appearing as a white glow, the first white lightsabers in Star Wars canon history.

She defeated an Inquisitor in the process, and her superiority over them is showing during the years of the Galactic Empire’s reign.

Over the next 15 years, Ahsoka joined Bail Organa and the early formation of the later Rebel Alliance, going by the code name of Fulcrum, leading rebels as a spymaster, as well as hunting the Inquisitors of Darth Vader.

She befriends former Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus and Force-sensitive Ezra Bridger, joining the duo on a few Jedi adventures.

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The trio then journeyed to the former Sith world of Malachor, where Ahsoka later duels her old master Anakin Skywalker, who now is transformed into the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader.

She then injured her former Master during the duel, but her fate remained a mystery — and it still does to this day — as the Sith Temple closed on the two former friends.

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The fate of Ahsoka still hangs in the balance to this very day.