Starkiller from The Force Unleashed was nearly added to Star Wars Rebels


Star Wars voice actor Sam Witwer shares that Dave Filoni considered implementing legends character Starkiller into Star Wars Rebels…

Star Wars voice actor Sam Witwer, known recently for his role as Maul in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, revealed in a recent Twitch stream that Dave Filoni considered implementing an iconic legends character into the Star Wars canon.

Witwer voiced the character Galen Marek (AKA Starkiller), who was the apprentice of Darth Vader in the Legends video game series The Force Unleashed. Apparently, the popular character was oh so close to being added to the current Star Wars canon.

"Dave did share with me by the way he considered making Starkiller an Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels. It didn’t quite fit the story that they were telling, but he did think about it because he thought it would be an interesting character."

In that legends story-line, Vader kidnaps Marek while he was still a child, with plans to train him as his apprentice in order to eventually betray his Master Darth Sidious. The game-play allows for you to take different paths, choosing the dark side or the light, or even a mix of the two.

During one of the story-modes, Starkiller betrays Vader and in his death is an inspiration for Bail and Leia Organa, who help form the Rebel Alliance, finishing the rebellion that the former Starkiller started. The Alliance symbol is then created in honor of the fallen Galen Marek.

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Once the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney happened in 2012, The Force Unleashed, along with Starkiller, was put into the vault of Star Wars Legends.

As you know from my previous articles on Star Wars canon, I’m a huge fan of it. That implementation has brought order to the galaxy, keeping everything connected. I am, however, a huge fan of many legends aspects and all for putting the good ones into the canon.

With the Inquisitors being a non-factor the closer Rebels gets to the story-line of A New Hope, the odds of Starkiller being added are now slim to none.

Rebels has alluded to a few of Starkiller’s epic moments. In the game he slashed Vader’s helmet in an epic duel (which Ahsoka does in the Season two finale of Rebels), as well as a scene in Rebels when Ezra takes control of an Imperial Walker, which is a nod to Starkiller who uses the Force in a similar way, crashing a Star Destroyer.

For the time being, we have to settle for the Starkiller name as an homage in The Force Awakens.

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Star Wars: Rebels concludes its story when Season 4 premieres this fall.