Marvel Star Wars Comic Review: Cassian and K-2SO


Learn how Cassian & K-2SO first crossed paths in this Marvel Star Wars comic adventure (Spoilers Ahead).

Released last Tuesday, the latest Marvel Star Wars comic, Cassian & K-2SO,  provides fans with a one issue story of how Cassian Andor and K-2SO (from Rogue One) originally meet.

Starting approximately two years before the events of Rogue One, we meet Cassian on a secret mission in an attempt to extract information on Imperial security protocols.

He journeys to the Colony world of Wecacoe with fellow spies, twin aliens Kertas and Rismor (who primarily communicate in a telepathic-like manner with one another), where Cassian believes that there will be a low Stormtrooper and Imperial presence.

When they arrive, Cassian finds out he is very wrong, there is, in fact, a high amount of Imperial forces on the planet’s surface waiting for them, making their task of gathering that information rather difficult.

In the process of attempting to locate a decommissioned Imperial Cruiser with the very Intel Cassian is seeking for the Rebel Alliance, he finds his way into trouble, where he encounters a KX series Imperial Security droid designated K-2SO.

The droid is hostile and attempts to kill the rebels, but the twins are able to deactivate K-2 and Cassian tries to wipe the droid’s memory. After several failed attempts in reprogramming the newly acquired droid, Cassian is finally able to erase a majority of his memory, meaning K-2 has to follow their orders according to his protocol and programming.

While the group of rebels attempts escape, they are met by a handful of Stormtroopers, who are guarding their getaway ride. Their ship is then destroyed, so the group formulates a new plan to leave the planet.

After some help from the twins, K-2, and combat skills of his own, Cassian steals a shuttle, where he and his new droid escape the dreaded planet. The story ends with K-2 displaying his complete loyalty to his new master and the two are most likely on their way back to Rebel Alliance headquarters on Yavin 4.

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If you remember in Rogue One, K-2 is unable to lie effectively when interrogated by Imperials on the planet Jedha. The same happens in this story and I thought that was a nice little connection and explanation of K-2’s behavior from the film.

It was also cool seeing Cassian, who according to the Rogue One Visual guide, is a Fulcrum agent, the very set of spies that Ahsoka Tano founded in the early days of the Rebel Alliance. Seeing him in his espionage element showed how important he was to the Rebellion and his effectiveness as a spy.

Even though this wasn’t the most detailed comic run so far in Star Wars canon, it was a lot of fun seeing the dynamic duo from Rogue One in action.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is currently available on Netflix, where you can see the duo of Cassian and Kaytoo in action.