Star Wars Theory Corner: Who is Rey?


Who is Rey?

Rey: The name of the girl who has taken the internet by storm, well at least the Star Wars aspect of it. The biggest question out there revolves around who she is, and do her parents matter? Is she a Skywalker? Is she a Kenobi? How about a mixture of both?

Since we really only have one movie to reference, there really isn’t much we can look at to determine 100% who she is. Most of the ideas come from tidbits here and there, obscure references and things she did while in The Force Awakens.

The leading theory is that she is Luke’s daughter because, I mean, how can someone with that little training be so strong right? The only “proof” we have that she is a Skywalker is her ability to easily master the Force. The Skywalker lightsaber called to her, and she was able to defeat Kylo Ren without any training.

There are theories that she is a clone of Anakin, Anakin reincarnated, or even a clone of Luke from the hand he lost during The Empire Strikes Back. Now, none of those theories have been disproven but they are pretty far-fetched.

My personal theory is that Rey is both a Skywalker AND a Kenobi. My argument for this doesn’t really have much to stand on, but it has more truth behind it than some of the others I’ve read lately. The reason I believe this to be true is that, if we compare what she did in The Force Awakens to the other movies, there are some striking similarities.

1.She talks to droids.

How many people do we know in the movies, books and TV shows that completely understand droids? Anakin and Luke are the biggest two I think of.

2. Jedi mind tricks.

She uses the Force to make that Stormtrooper guarding her, release her and give up his weapon. Sounds a lot like Obi Wan tell us “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

3. She can sneak around a large base undetected.

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Rey sneaks around Starkiller base avoiding detection, again a lot like Obi Wan in A New Hope, running around turning the shields off for the attack run.

4. The Force flows through her.

As Kylo Ren is toying with her to get her into the position where he can tempt her to come to the dark side, the mentions the Force, and that’s when everything changes. She closes her eyes, relaxes and when she opens her eyes, she has a different look about them: Serenity. Rey is able to channel her emotions and the Force simultaneously to defeat Kylo Ren.

Luke realized he was being tempted to anger, rage, and hate, but let the Force guide his emotions, and he was able to bring about the redemption of Darth Vader, who defeated the Emperor. What are some of your favorite Rey theories? Let’s discuss in the comments.