A Yoda standalone Star Wars film could also be happening


On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that an Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars standalone film is in the making, news that made us very excited.

Lucasfilm is also in the early development of other Star Wars film, with the possibility of Yoda being the featured character.

THR’s announcement that a Yoda Star Wars film is in the works is a bit surprising. George Lucas for years has stated that he wants Yoda’s origins to remain a mystery. If these reports are true, however, it looks like we may get that story after all.

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Outside of the movies, we know next to nothing of Yoda’s origins or stories that precede The Phantom Menace. 

Starting in Marvel: Star Wars Issue #26we do get a Yoda adventure that is set before the events of Episode I, a story that dives a bit into the mystic side of the Force.

Also in The Clone Wars animated series within the story arcs featuring The Gathering and A Test of Strength, the ancient droid Huyang briefly mentions that he was present during Yoda’s trip to Illum when the tiny Jedi was just a youngling and seeking a kyber crystal to use for his very first lightsaber.

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Stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force as more information on all the standalone Star Wars films, including the Yoda story, develops.