Obi-Wan: Possible villains for a standalone film

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One’s biggest enemy is normally the struggle within one’s self and that is particularly true for Obi-Wan. With his life as a Jedi now over due to the great Jedi purge of Order 66, dealing with life as a non-practicing Force user would be extremely tough for Obi-Wan.

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In order to stay hidden, he would have to often make difficult choices, especially with all the injustice thriving on Tatooine, where he might even choose not to intervene, even though it could cost the life of someone else.

Also dealing with the personal struggle of failing and then killing, or so he thinks, his best friend and former student, having the burden of watching over his son, but from a distance. The struggle of not using the Force and unable to train Luke or even interact with him must eat at the Jedi Master’s soul.

Having flashbacks of times past and possibly learning of Vader’s survival, would make for some personal demons and enemies within Kenobi. He could truly become his own worst enemy in the film and that would make for a Star Wars story unlike any other.

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