Pablo Hidalgo has fun with Star Wars fans on Twitter


A Star Wars fan suggests a Jar Jar standalone film to Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter and he, in turn, has a bit of fun…

When you’re the gatekeeper for Star Wars lore and you have a Twitter account where you actively engage with your followers, a vast majority of those interactions aren’t going to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed.

This rings particularly true for Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, who is a favorite among Star Wars fans on Twitter, actively discussing Star Wars with a vast amount of his followers. His latest interaction caught our attention and we had to share.

We learned two things from that exchange. One: There might be an actual “talk like Jar Jar Binks day,” apparently, and Two: Someone actually wants a Jar Jar standalone film.

With all the buzz with the latest announcement of an Obi-Wan film having a director and early developments of both Yoda and Boba Fett films, why not bring up other ideas for standalone films.

Although we can pray to the maker a Jar Jar standalone film will never happen, we do know what became of that goofy Gungan from the swamps of Naboo, thanks to the novel Aftermath: Empires End. 

Spoilers ahead

We find Jar Jar in exile on Naboo, where he was blamed by its natives for the rise of the Empire, being the one who gave the former Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers, which he heavily abused and became the Emperor.

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The Gungan is now literally a side-street clown, who is mocked by those who walk by him and a joke for the younglings of Naboo.

Jar Jar encounters a group of orphans, who he encourages to be brave, showing the Gungan’s one redeemable quality. He tells them of how he’s been able to withstand adversity and gives them a nice little pep-talk.

Believe it or not, I actually felt sorry for Binks, which shows the extraordinary writing skills of Chuck Wendig.

It’s nice to see Hidalgo so open and active with Star Wars fans, making me really appreciate the great access fans have with him and other notables from the Lucasfilm family. What a time to be alive and especially to be a Star Wars fan.