Michael K. Williams cut from Star Wars: Han Solo — Details of his role revealed


“You come at the King, you best not miss.” Well, Ron Howard didn’t miss, and Michael K. Williams has been cut from the Han Solo Star Wars standalone film…

Michael Kenneth Williams, best known for his roles on HBO’s The Wire as Omar, and Boardwalk Empire as Chalky White, has announced that he was cut from the Star Wars: Han Solo film project due to reshoot scheduling issues.

Speaking with Deadline, Williams revealed the details behind the decision to remove his unnamed character, as well as what he would have been portraying in the film. Apparently, the scheduling issues arose from his filming of a new spy movie — The Red Sea Diving Resort — in South Africa with actors Ben Kingsley and Chris Evans.

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"When Ron Howard got hired to finish out the film, there were some reshoot issues that needed to be done in regards to my character, in order for it to match the new direction which the producers wanted Ron to carry the film in. And that would have required me on a plane a month ago to London, to Pinewood, to do reshoots."

Williams would have played some sort of half-human/half-animal character in the untitled Han Solo film. “We created a kick-ass character, in my opinion. I’m proud of it.”

While there is no telling what that character would have looked like, we’re now wondering if Williams would have been some sort of half human/half Wookiee, if that is even possible. I guess, for now, we’ll never know.

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The untitled Star Wars: Han Solo film continues to film with Ron Howard at the helm and is still scheduled to hit theaters in May of 2018.