New images and plot points from Star Wars Rebels Season 4


Force Friday II unofficially began last week, with the release of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 on BluRay/DVD…

With Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels set to release this Fall, Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni — Co-creator and Supervising Director of Rebels — have released new images from the upcoming final season, as well has some vital information on storyline plots for major characters in season 4.

We were also treated to a brand new trailer over the weekend.

Season 3 ended with our group of rebels being driven from their home-base, suffering a tremendous loss at the hands of the Empire’s leadership and skillful tactics of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

However, that defeat expedited the joining of the smaller rebel cells, into the official designation of the Rebel Alliance.

New images surfaced on Imgur, from the upcoming season, which can also be found within the special features on the BluRay of Rebels season

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In the first and fifth images, we can see Fenn Rau, Sabine’s brother Tristan, and other Mandalorian rebel sympathizers, as well as Ezra and Sabine together on Mandalore. From what we’ve seen in the trailer, we know there will be a heavy dose of Mando battle-action in the upcoming season.

We then get one of Master and Apprentice, with a glimpse of Yavin IV in the background. In Star Wars Legends, we know the Massassi temple has connections to the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force. You can bet your last credits that we will see the Jedi duo venture into the depths of this ancient sanctuary in season 4. The question is, will it have dark and dire questions for both Ezra and Kanan?

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Next, we see a matured Ezra and Sabine traveling together, in what looks like a small starship, which is most likely the newest rendition of the Phantom. The young Jedi hopeful has always had a thing for the young Mandalorian turned bounty hunter, so maybe the two will finally give into love in season 4?

The fourth image illuminates a holo of Saw Gerrera, who you might know from Star Wars The Clone Wars and later on in Rogue One. We learn from that very standalone film that Saw’s relationship with the Alliance was broken after his brutal and inhumane tactics differed from the peaceful practices of the rebel leader Mon Mothma. Odds are we will see exactly how that relationship falls apart.

We also learned of some plot points and character focused stories for the upcoming season, from the Star Wars Rebels panels in Canada over the weekend, which included appearances by Dave FIloni, Henry Gilroy, and Thrawn author Timothy Zhan, revealed by Star Wars Rebels Transmission on Facebook:

  • Thrawn takes issue with the Force. He doesn’t like anything he doesn’t understand or can’t quantify.
  • Thrawn will play an instrumental part in the lives of the Rebels in S4.
  • More questions about the Inquisitors will be addressed in the current Darth Vader comic series.
  • There will be certain plot elements in Season 4 that address exactly where the season fits in the overall timeline.
  • Palpatine won’t make an appearance in Season 4.
  • The Rebellion did not have X-Wings prior to their appearance in Season 4.
  • Kanan & other Jedi younglings knew of Ahsoka because she was famous for being Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan.
  •  We will learn of what Bo-Katan thought about Maul’s rule of Mandalore & of her sister, Satine Kryze in Season 
  •  Sabine & Ezra will be learning to do more on their own this season without the help of Kanan & Hera.
  • Ezra will grow a lot during Season 4.
  • A clip was shown of Hera putting Captain Rex & Kallus in control of the Ghost.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn is fighting with the Empire about how to fight the Rebels.
  • We will see the machinations between Thrawn & Pryce. Both trying to manipulate the other to achieve their goals.
  • The Loth-Wolves are similar to the Bendu in that they are part of the natural force of Lothal. Neither light nor dark.
  • The first few episodes of season 4 will wrap up left over storylines & then from Episode 5 it deals with completing Ezra’s story.
  • The episodes told from Episode 5 onward are more like one continuous story.
  • The ending for Star Wars Rebels has been shot & the season is more connected to the films than ever before. 

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You can order Rebels Season 3 here and stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force for extensive coverage of the final season with our favorite band of rebels.

Season 4 debuts October 16, where we will see how many of these possible plot points come to fruition, during the final season of this highly acclaimed animated series.