Disney is officially pulling Star Wars and Marvel from Netflix


Prepare to fork over some of that hard-earned money, as Disney has made it official: All Star Wars content will be part of its new streaming service…

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Disney CEO Bob Iger will move both Star Wars and Marvel properties from Netflix, and add them to the new Disney streaming service which launches in 2019.

According to WSJ by pulling Marvel and Star Wars from Netflix, “Disney is giving up the tens of millions of dollars per movie,” as Netflix pays that much for each film, but Iger has a plan. He’s betting the Marvel and Star Wars brands will draw customers to the premium streaming service.

Iger seems very confident, as the CEO of Disney made a bold statement about the launch in 2019:

"We’re going to launch big and we’re going to launch hot."

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Well then. I suppose Iger and Disney think they can crush a streaming service giant like Netflix, right from the jump. I must admit, however, that bringing Star Wars properties like The Clone Wars to its new service might pull customers its way.

I still question the whole idea, in the first place. Why not revamp the Disney Channel to a more adult and children friendly station, with all the Marvel and Star Wars films and series in an on-demand section?

Many channels offer on-demand for entire seasons of shows, so fans can binge-watch or even catch up on what they want to watch.

Disney could make its channel a premium station and avoid having to go into competition with Netflix, and avoid giving up the “tens of millions of dollars” from each Star Wars and Marvel film.

As it stands, I for one, do not plan on paying yet another monthly fee for a streaming service that offers movies that I can simply buy for a one-time price.

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Sorry Disney, I think your streaming service is a terrible idea, and pulling Star Wars and Marvel from Netflix in hopes that it will pull customers to you, won’t change my mind one bit.