Temuera Morrison shows interest in bringing Captain Rex to Star Wars live-action


Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett and the template behind the Clone army, wants to continue that legacy into future Star Wars content…

Since Star Wars Celebration, rumors have been flying around that Captain Rex, originally from The Clone Wars animated series, has connections to Return of the Jedi, possibly being one of the elite secret commandos with Han Solo during the Battle of Endor. While that is yet to be confirmed, we have more Captain Rex details to add to the mix, that will be sure to make your geek heart soar.

In a recent interview, Temuera Morrison — Jango Fett and the entire clone army — is highly interested in strapping up those boots again and venturing back onto the Star Wars big screen. Naboo news has the latest scoop:

"What’ll make me really happy is if I get the phone call asking me to play another character – an older Captain Rex or something. I want to pop in on one of these new ones, that would be great. Suggest it to them for me! Let’s get on to it"

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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Star Wars fans, he’s calling us out. Let’s make this happen and bring Captain Rex to the big screen. Doing so makes it even more likely we will see Ahsoka in live-action, so it’s a win-win.

With the exception of Denis Lawson — Wedge Antilles — who has always been apprehensive about the character, it’s refreshing to see most Star Wars alumni willing to bring their old characters back to life.

Ewan McGregor is (allegedly) already in talks to reprise Obi-Wan, while Ian McDiarmid still has dibs on Palpatine and would love to bring the menacing Sith Master back to the big screen.

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It is by far the best time to be alive as a Star Wars fan, hands down. With the new canon making every Star Wars storytelling venue deeply connected, to a large variety of comics, novels, animated series, movies, the list goes on. Even though the “new” canon turned the Expanded Universe into Legends, we can still brush the dust off the old classics and enjoy those as well.

There’s always a bit of truth in Legends…