Star Wars Battlefront II: Rey’s new look surfaces in beta early access trailer


Star Wars Battlefront II beta reveals Rey’s new look, other exciting game features…

The hype is real for Star Wars Battlefront II, gaming experience like never before. Journey to a galaxy far, far away, battling across 18 different worlds, choosing between fan-favorite heroes and villains, several multiplayer features, and even an offline mode to brush up on your skills before taking on Battlefront II Masters.  And, don’t forget about the highly anticipated story of Iden Versio, which will help fill those major gaps between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

EA recently dropped the Official Beta Trailer, giving us a fresh look at the next step in our journey towards Battlefront II, and The Last Jedi for that matter:

Kicking things off, we return to Takodona, Maz Kanata’s fortress in The Force Awakens, where we get a new look of the Jedi in training. In the previous trailer for Battlefront II, we get The Force Awakens version of Rey, but in this trailer, we see her in attire from the upcoming The Last Jedi. 

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Beta game-play begins tomorrow, October 4, and we’ve got you covered with all the important details on this week’s beta releases. 

The beta itself will drop on two different dates, depending on if you pre-ordered the game or not. The first wave, for those who  pre-ordered, will have access tomorrow at these specific times:

  • PDT: 1 am
  • EDT: 4 am
  • BST: 9 am
  • CEST: 10 am

The next stage opens up the beta to all others, dropping Friday, October 6 at the same times listed above, available until Monday, October 9.

  • This beta is the largest EA has ever done, with access to these features:
  • Galactic Assault/Arcade Mode on Naboo
  • Strike mode on Takodana
  • StarFighter Assault above Fondor.

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Star Wars Battlefront II hits stores November 17, on PS4 and PC. If you pre-order now, you will get your hands on the Battlefront beta as early as tomorrow!