Was Kylo Ren reaching out to Rey in The Last Jedi trailer?


Was Kylo Ren reaching out to Rey in The Last Jedi trailer? What the Force was that!?

We all were sitting there, anxiously waiting for the halftime show of a pretty bad football game, in order to watch the latest trailer for The Last Jedi, with the anticipation just overwhelming. It was worth the wait, however, and we were not disappointed. We finally got to hear Luke speak for the first time in over 30 years, while we got to see a very determined Kylo Ren who seemed to still be conflicted, and lastly Rey beginning the search for her role within the galaxy. It’s the ending of the trailer though that has us asking lots of questions. Who was Kylo reaching out to and why?

One possibility is the fall of Rey to the Dark Side, or even Kylo returning to the Light. The trailer hints that Rey and Kylo are having some sort of conversation and he is attempting to seduce her to the Dark Side. Is it Rey he is reaching out towards or someone else?

Another character that he could be talking about is his mother, Leia. She could be the one that brings him back to the Light and helps redeem her son. We know that she is Force sensitive, having the ability to see and feel with it, plus she has stated before that there is still Light deep within Kylo. So maybe this is Kylo accepting the hand of his mother and returning to the Light Side of the Force?

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The only other person it could really be is Luke. With the background behind Kylo looking like there are fireballs falling from the sky, something big must have just happened. Maybe Luke just saved Kylo’s life and then realizes where he truly belongs, at the side of his former Master?

What are your thoughts? Who do you think Kylo is interacting with? Tell us in our comments below and on our social media pages. We will find out soon enough, when The Last Jedi drops December 15.