The Last Jedi: Porgs! Are they the Ewoks of the new trilogy?


The Last Jedi: The purpose of the Porgs and Ewoks within the Star Wars Saga…

Since the start of the Star Wars franchise, fans have been privy to a bevy of alien species and creatures. Some of these creations are menacing, some are heroic, and lastly some are injected into the film for levity. It seems like the latter is what’s being provided in the form of the Porgs in The Last Jedi.

Porg Concept Art: Lucasfilm

Now many fans think the Porg is absolutely cute and can’t wait to see it in the film. An equally large portion of the fanbase thinks the Porg is wholly unnecessary. Here’s why the Porgs will work in The Last Jedi the way the Ewoks did in Return of the Jedi.

Levity in the form of Tertiary Characters…

Since the start, Star Wars has been filled with characters that help bring levity into tense scenes.  C-3PO and R2-D2 being a perfect example of how these characters work and add a great deal to the story. The two droids interactions with the main characters are often times humorous, yet also at times, they help with exposition.

These characters can sometimes be a mistake. This is evidenced by the vast amount of hatred directed towards Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy. Jar Jar most likely would have played a larger role in the trilogy if he wasn’t met with such vitriol. The reaction Jar Jar received proved however that there’s a delicate balance between buffoonery and adding levity to a film. This is a balance that Rian Johnson is aware of, and the Porgs will not cross that line.

Why Porgs will not be annoying…

Ewoks : Lucasfilm

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Here’s why Porgs will turn out to be this trilogy’s Ewoks. Throughout the Saga, Star Wars has always placed value in nature over technology. The Ewoks are a prime example of this valuation.  A primitive tribe on the forest moon of Endor, it’s their knowledge of the terrain and the element of surprise that allows the Ewoks to help the Han Solo lead rebel troopers to achieve their goal of destroying the Death Star’s shield generator. Along with their assistance, the Ewoks also provided some well-placed laughs starting with their worshiping C-3PO as a god and onto the pair of Ewoks who steal a speeder bike as a diversion.

Star Wars Blip “keep Away” Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

In a much a tenser Episode VIII, Porgs will add much-needed levity to break up the serious moments.  We don’t know about this small bird like creatures yet, but there’s been some talk that they are force sensitive.  There could be a possibility that they play a small role in assisting our heroes their journey much the way the Ewoks provided assistance in the Original Trilogy.

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With the second installment of these trilogies often being the film that provides our heroes with depth and internal strife, the Porgs with providing us with the tension breaking moments we need for the film to resonate with us on a greater level.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15, where we will see these cute, furry guys in action.