The Last Jedi: Upcoming international trailer hints film’s rating


The international trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to drop as early as Friday, with the rating for it possibly revealed. What does that mean for the actual rating of the film?

Star Wars fans are still recovering from the bombshells of the latest The Last Jedi trailer which dropped on Monday Night Football over two weeks ago.

Hopefully, that recovery is over, with a new trailer, the international version, due to drop as early as this Friday. There’s also a rating attached to it, which could give us clues to what it will be for the actual film.

PG. Does that mean that the rating for The Last Jedi will be the same? In the past, all Star Wars films outside of three have all received a PG rating.

The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and Revenge of the Sith all received a PG-13 designation. To be fair, the rating system was different during the release of the Original Trilogy, with PG-13 not being added to the mix until 1984.

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What we’ve so far of the The Last Jedi indicates that the film will also receive that PG-13 stamp. Especially with the fact that we are diving into the demons of Luke’s past, as well of seeing Snoke show us the true power of the Dark Side.

This possible rating for the trailer could just be what the International crew views as fitting for their specific audience and not of the MPAA. There is no doubt that The Last Jedi will have that PG-13 rating.

In the overall scheme of things, these grades don’t mean much of anything once the film is released. However, it does help know what tone the film will have leading up to it.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits December 15, most likely with a PG-13 rating.

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