Darth Vader #7: A rogue Jedi Master survived Order 66


The latest Darth Vader comic reveals that a famous rogue Jedi has in fact survived Order 66.

The Darth Vader (2017) comic run has been nothing short of amazing, diving deep within the Dark Side of the Force. We’ve seen Darth Vader construct his lightsaber after defeating a Jedi survivor of the treacherous Order 66.

In the latest issue, the focus was on capturing a particular Jedi librarian, who is a significant threat to Darth Vader and his Master Darth Sidious/ Emperor Palpatine.

Also on that list of surviving Jedi is one that you might remember from Clone Wars time’s past, one who dabbled within the Dark Side of the Force himself.

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While Darth Vader and the Grand Inquisitor are discussing the elusive Jocasta Nu, they show us a list of other surviving Jedi. Unfortunately, it’s not transcribed into Basic but is in the Aurebesh form.

If you look closely, you can see the name Quinlan Vos in that unfamiliar text. If you would like a lesson in Aurebesh, here’s the alphabet for you to discover what we’ve revealed to you yourself.

We first see Vos in the Clone Wars, where he teams up with Obi-Wan in pursuing the shifty Ziro the Hut. The popular animated series wasn’t the only appearance from this rogue Jedi Master, who makes a cameo in The Phantom Menace, where you see him in the background when Qui-Gon visits Watto in Mos Espa on Tatooine.

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If you want to experience some more Vos, check out the canon novel Dark Disciple, where he teams up with Asajj Ventress in an attempt to assassinate Count Dooku.

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More than just a reveal on his post-Revenge of the Sith fate, this tidbit of information could mean that Vos may appear in an upcoming issue of the Darth Vader comic. Other possibilities could be his own standalone comic or wait for it, an appearance in the upcoming Solo film.

If the reports of Darth Vader being in Solo are correct, then this would pave the way in making the Sith Lord fit into the film. Especially if Vos is undercover, where we usually see him, in helping Solo get into some shady smuggling activities, with Darth Vader then delivering the death blow to Vos. The possibilities for the former Jedi Master are endless.

Another name on this list, come to find out, is former Jedi Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. We already know that Darth Vader doesn’t track her down until the events of Rebels, but it’s still refreshing to see that ripe little Easter Egg in the comic.

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No telling when or where Vos will show up within the Star Wars canon, but I do know this for sure; mas Vos por favor.

Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews on the latest Marvel Star Wars: Darth Vader (2017) comic.