Darth Vader: Is he really a villain in Star Wars?

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Anakin transforms into Vader for true, noble reasons.

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We see shades of his true self during his Dark (Side) years, when Ahsoka slashes off the external layer of Darth Vader, displaying and symbolizing

Darth Vader — now Anakin Skywalker once again — finally saves the one he loves (Luke) and the galaxy, like he always wanted to do. However, he dies in a pathetic, tragic way.

In conclusion, ultimate power and strength to not necessarily equate to being evil. It was clear that Anakin Skywalker was weak until he became Darth Vader. What Anakin intended for goodness, Palpatine used for pure evil.

Being seduced doesn’t make you villain, but a victim, and in Anakin’s case, ultimately the victor.

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The reason for Darth Vader’s redemption from Palpatine’s victim-filled crime was his son, Luke, exposing the good man that was hidden within in him by a faulty villainous front.

Maybe Anakin will return the favor in the events of The Last Jedi and Episode IX, where he guides his son from the netherworld of the Force, becoming the true hero once again, saving his son from the internal darkness. Luke, like his father before him, is a victim. But, that is a good question for another time.