Why The Last Jedi is going to be epic


Rian Johnson is going to deliver with the Last Jedi and here’s why.

The Last Jedi. 34 days till December 15th. 816 hours. 48,960 seconds, but who’s counting right?

As we are closing in on that beloved date, we have been blessed with some amazing information. Disney announced that Star Wars is going to get a live action TV show AND a completely new trilogy.

The trilogy has already been given a creator, and it’s Rian Johnson. Now, as of right now we haven’t even sen The Last Jedi, but this begs the question: Just how epic is this movie going to be?

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If Disney has already given him the go-ahead to begin the process on three more movies they clearly have a lot of faith in the man.

It’s true that people have had their problems with The Force Awakens, saying it mirrored A New Hope too much and did not think it brought anything new to its fans. The same people are also starting to talk about how this movie better not do the same thing with The Empire Strikes Back. This announcement should put all minds to ease whenever it comes to whether or not this movie will be epic or not.

Rian Johnson isn’t the only reason that this movie is going to be epic. Mark Hamill’s return, the final movie with Carrie Fisher and hearing the infamous line “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” are just a few of the reasons why this movie could go down as one of the greatest movies of the Star Wars saga.

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