Luke Skywalker: Why is he on Ahch-To?


Luke Skywalker is on Ahch-To… “Bless you” Thanks

Luke Skywalker. Finally some answers, well not all of them but some answers are better than none. Star Wars Battlefront II has been able to, through the campaign mode, reveal some of the major events that happen in the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The game doesn’t answer the questions like how the First Order arose (that you can find in the Princess Leia book called Bloodline) or the final battles between the Rebels and the Empire before the Empire fell. What it does do is show the connection Luke has to Ahch-To.

***SPOILER ALERT*** For those who have played the game you get a glimpse of why Luke was called to Ahch-To in the first place. Apparently Luke went to search for the first Jedi temple in search of what, we don’t know quite yet.

Before Luke goes there though he is searching for artifacts that the Emperor had been collecting and hiding to make sure the Rebels weren’t going to use them against him.

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We know this from the comic arc Shattered Empire. In search of artifacts that the Emperor had been hiding, Luke first goes to Pillio, where the Emperor had built an observatory to house said artifacts.

There he runs into the character Del and they make an uneasy alliance since he was sent there to destroy the artifacts to protect the now dead Emperor.

Luke though convinces him to allow him to keep a compass from among all the artifacts. Why a compass though? What makes this one so special? Why was it calling to Luke through the Force?

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The reason why Luke Skywalker ended up on Ahch-to might have been because of the Emperor and his lust for power and the first Jedi Temple was there with all the knowledge that the Jedi’s before had accumulated, and now that the Emperor is dead the knowledge is free to be returned to its rightful place, in the hands of a Jedi.