Luke Skywalker: Will he be light, dark, gray in The Last Jedi?


Luke Skywalker. What side of the Force will he be on in The Last Jedi? Dark? Light? Some sort of mix?

Luke Skywalker, what’s the deal, bro? Now we are less than a month away folks. That’s right, there are less than 30 days until the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We will be able to finally sit down and put all theories, plot twists, and out of the universe ideas of what’s going to happen.

But, until then all we can do is speculate on what’s going to happen. One of the biggest talked about topics on social media is what’s the deal with Luke? Is he on the Dark Side? Jedi? Grey?

What’s the deal bro?!?  I am going to dive into all three possibilities and give evidence on each one. First off: Dark Side.

In all the trailers and posters Luke has this real ominous look about him. A combination of the dark clothes and seemingly constantly negative feelings/emotions to everyone and everything around him.

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Yes, we aren’t given the whole picture in trailers but with what we have one could argue that he has gone dark.

Light side: the argument for this side of the Force has less to work with from new information we have been given.

The evidence for this side relies heavily on the fact that at the end of The Return of the Jedi, Luke was definitely a Jedi and had brought his father back to the light. A lot has happened since then, though.

The loss of Ben Solo and the order Luke had rebuilt. In the poster released with all the good guys, we do see Luke in there holding his infamous blue lightsaber.

Gray: this possibility has to be the one I am leaning the most toward. The evidence for this argument actually can be the same information given in both previous points.

That fact that we can see both aspects of Luke goes to show that the chance of him becoming a grey Jedi, like Ahsoka Tano, is very likely. Let’s not forget about the Bendu, the one in the middle. Star Wars is really emphasizing the Force within the middle. Balance.

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If he has gone gray the only thing he is missing is a white lightsaber. What do you think? Has Luke finally succumbed to the Dark Side? Stayed faithful to the light? Or embraced both sides, become gray, starting a whole new order with brand new rules? Leave your thoughts over on the Facebook page and our other social media outlets!