Star Wars: The Last Jedi true underdog story


Star Wars: The Last Jedi. What’s with this one in a million talk!?

Kelly Marie Tran is one of the latest additions to the crew for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Her story is a little different though than some of the others that made it into the movie.

At the age of 28, Tran finally landed a big-time role as Rose in The Last Jedi. Normally at this point, most actors/actresses have been in a movie or two and have begun getting leading roles themselves but this is different.

Tran has been working her butt off for over five years now trying to land a gig in getting her foot in the door for the big time shows. She had worked for so long she had almost given completely up on her dreams to become an actress.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Entertainment Weekly

Tran: ” I had been at it for some years and I was struggling to pay my bills. I was tired. I had been working my day job 40-plus hours a week.”

Then the hour came when Rian Johnson scheduled her audition for the movie right in the middle of the day.

Well, we clearly know she rocked the audition since she got the part of Rose but that was the easy part.

She then had to keep quiet until she was given permission to speak about.

Just imagine you landed the career of your dreams but couldn’t tell anyone until your boss said you could? I would be screaming internally!

Like a lot of the movies nowadays have an underlying message just beneath the surface, don’t give up on the number one. Tran’s Story is no different.

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The best part of the whole deal was that she is just one of us, a hard-working American just trying to make her way in this world.

Working 40+ hour weeks at a day job a while pouring as much time and effort into the dream machine so that one day it will no longer be a dream.

Personally, I can relate, with my dreams within reach, working multiple jobs in the process.

Thank you, Tran, for being an inspiration to me, and hopefully now, millions of others.

"“Do or do not. There is no try” -Yoda"

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