The Last Jedi: The Relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey


EW Star Wars expert Anthony Breznican uncovers the relationship between the two leads of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Rey and Kylo Ren.

In a Star Wars: The Last Jedi Entertainment Weekly exclusive (available within the December 1st issue), a fantastic article by Breznican highlights the similarities between the two characters and the events in their lives which lead their stories to intersect.

Star Wars has always been cyclical. If you watch carefully, you can see where A New Hope and The Phantom Menace are similar to one another. The Force Awakens is identical to both. The entire saga surrounds the Skywalker family.

Rey is naturally gifted in the Force. Perhaps she, like Anakin Skywalker, is a “Child of the Force.”

A new “chosen one” who will bring balance to the Force. True balance in that she will be a wielder of both the Light and the Dark Side and usher in the era of “Gray” Jedi.

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Driver: “He has been aware of this ability in himself from such a young age, and I don’t think there’s a lot of people around him who are on the same level.”

This theory would explain why the saber of Anakin Skywalker called out to her. Why she felt the entire history of the family when she touched the hilt.

It’s why her youth, much like Anakin’s and Luke’s, is spent with a family that’s not her own, gaining the skill necessary for survival.

There are plenty of parallels between Rey and Anakin. Both lived a hard life of servitude until the by some chance they are thrust into the war that threatens to tear the Galaxy apart. Both have a natural, if not easy, connection with the Force.

It’s what allows Anakin to successfully pilot the Podracer; it’s what will enable Rey to tap into the Force once she’s realized that she has these abilities. Perhaps in the Star Wars Universe, when the fate of the Galaxy cannot be trusted in the hands of “men” the will of the Force intervenes.

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It creates a being who can put an end to the division if they use their gifts wisely. Anakin blew his chance at bringing peace to the Galaxy for a selfish reason.

Perhaps Rey redeems his legacy by preventing His grandson from destroying the Galaxy completely.

Kylo Ren was thought to be the “chosen one” of the new generation in Luke’s eyes.

After putting his hope in that belief, all apparently was lost. Until Rey steps in, someone who rivaled Kylo’s immense power for the very first time.

When these two cross paths in The Last Jedi, it will be interesting to discover where they go from that point. Will they rule the galaxy together? Rival one another? Or form a temporary alliance?

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We can’t wait to find out, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theatres December 15.