The Last Jedi may surface December 6, in its entirety


The entirety of Star Wars: The Last Jedi may surface nine days before its theatrical release.

With the United States not being able to view Star Wars: The Last Jedi until December 15, we all will have to wait patiently until the movie releases. Or do we!?

Japan is getting its view a whole eight days early, on December 6, before fans here in America. It could lead to a lot of leaks with very juicy information and even the entirety of the film. Questions could be answered, plots revealed, and characters understood.

From the mysteries surrounding Luke’s mental state and whether or not he can keep it together for Rey’s training.  To whether or not Kylo will come back to the light or fall further into darkness. We could know these sooner rather than later.

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It’s going to prove tough for Lucasfilm and Disney in keeping everything under wraps, so the world can’t know what happens before they even see The Last Jedi. 

For the fans though, this will pose an impossible situation, once December 6 is here. Do we hunt down the newest information about the film, or wait until the movie comes out? If the film itself surfaces, do we watch it?

For us, a day much as we want to know everything right here right now; we’d rather wait until December 14 for the movie. We all must resist the Dark Side like Luke Skywalker did so bravely in Return of the Jedi.

Being able to sit in that seat and be in total (well almost) ignorance of what’s happening to before our eyes, that feeling of seeing the opening scroll and hearing that famous song will be so fulfilling.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, worldwide. If it happens to surface before then, we hope you wait like we definitely will.