Rian Johnson: Fans haven’t “nailed the big stuff yet” in The Last Jedi


If you’ve created loads of theories about what might happen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we’ve got some news for you: You probably aren’t even close…

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke, really? Are Rey and Luke related? Are Porgs my new spirit animal? Star Wars fans have many questions going into The Last Jedi — which hits theaters worldwide on December 15 — and those questions usually turn into extremely detailed and often convoluted theories. Well, thanks to an interview

held with director Rian Johnson, we now know most of those theories are way off.

Johnson starts off with the dagger to every “Rey is a Kenobi” theorist out there by stating the “big stuff” hasn’t been nailed yet.

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"No, which… I love reading the fan theories, you know, having been a Star Wars fan myself and been on the other side of the curtain most of my life it’s pretty cool to be back behind, like peeking through saying seeing like I would have people guessing."

So, you’re saying there’s still a chance that Snoke is Plagueis, Rian Johnson? I jest. Anyway, there are so many stories and characters set to intersect in The Last Jedi, that Johnson might not be 100% on point with his statement.

For instance, the thought that Poe might go dark and become the new Saw Gerrera in the film has been picking up steam, lately. It wouldn’t be unheard of for a hero to decide he or she was willing to do whatever it took to defeat the enemy, but just how far is Rian Johnson willing to push the envelope?

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I suppose we’ll have to wait until December 15 to find out.