Rian Johnson: The Last Jedi was originally over three hours long


Rian Johnson reveals that Star Wars: The Last Jedi was originally over three hours in length.

With less than ten days left until the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson recently revealed some interesting news to Star Wars fans. Johnson stated that the movie, before all the cuts, was originally over three hours in length.

Three hours people, do you know what that means!? Star Wars could’ve entered The Lord of the Rings territory in length. When Johnson asked about making an extended edition, but that isn’t exactly his style, which he prefers a more fine-tuned version of his films.

"I’m really not into that. I feel like the cut is what it is because it is the best version of the movie."

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Then comes the news that Johnson had cut out over 30 minutes of the movie, stating some of his favorite moments ending up on the cutting room floor.

"A lot of really good stuff came out. I actually just reviewed all the deleted scenes that are going to be on the Blu-Ray and most of my favorites are on there.”"

So, what are we going to see? Almost as important, what are we not going to see?

With The Last Jedi having a runtime slightly above two and a half hours, it gives a lot of wiggle room for good, the bad, and the ugly to happen to our favorite characters.

Hopefully, we will get a crash course on Luke’s Jedi Academy and it’s fall. A little information on Rey’s parentage. And, maybe some ancient history on the Dark Side, and the Light.

Like The Force Awakens before it, I’m sure there will be a few scenes omitted that we wanted in the film — Maz using the Force, and Kylo Ren entering the Falcon for example. Nevertheless, we should trust Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm to make all the right moves, giving us what we need to see.

If we want more details, that’s what the books, comics, and TV shows are created to tell the remaining story arcs.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres December 15, worldwide.