Everything you need to prepare for The Last Jedi

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Star Wars Visual Guides

If you like to immerse yourself deeply in the Force, wanting to know every intricate detail of each world, character, and even accessories, this section is definitely for you.

Complete Locations

Maybe the most in-depth Star Wars visual guide to date, this book takes you Episodes I through VII, in an intimate fashion.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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The guide contains detailed maps, Sith lore, Podracing names and finishes in the Boonta Eve Classic, and much more, making you a Jedi Master in the process.

The Last Jedi will be that much better, knowing every, single detail of the Star Wars universe.

Two other books that are must-reads include the Complete Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia, and, the Super Graphics guide.

In the latter, you do receive some minor details on characters from The Last Jedi. 

Lastly, as obvious as this sounds, have a marathon of all the Star Wars movies. If you have even more time, knock out some episodes of The Clone Wars and Rebels. 

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just days away now, so you better get to it. Consume as much of these stories as you can. Stories that will make The Last Jedi viewing experience, something truly special.