Mark Hamill: The Last Jedi is not Luke Skywalker’s story


Mark Hamill admits that Luke Skywalker is no longer the lead of the Star Wars story, starting that trend with The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just days away now, or as Mark Hamill says: “The wait for eight is nearly over.”

In a recent interview, Mark Hamill discusses Luke Skywalker’s role in The Last Jedi, which may surprise those who are used to the Luke from the Original Trilogy. 

Hamill admits that he is no longer the primary protagonists of the story, meaning that Luke’s role will be one that advances Rey’s heroine journey instead of his own.

When Hamill read the initial script for The Last Jedi, his initial reaction was “what?!” admitting that Luke’s story is shocking.

Why would Luke Skywalker go from a brave, hopeful optimist, to a hiding hermit?

"Hamill: “That’s the mystery of the ages.”"

A mystery we will learn in The Last Jedi, which is sure to be a sad journey.

Likely using Rey and R2-D2 to tell Luke’s tragic past, the tragedy of Skywalker and his Jedi Academy will explain his state of mind when we find him in The Last Jedi. 

Skywalker takes decades to rebuild the once lost Jedi Order, which is destroyed once again, spawning from the anger of his nephew, Ben Solo, now known as Kylo Ren.

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With the story of Luke Skywalker now different than the Legends variation of the character, Hamill wishes he would’ve had a chance to play the “evil twin” of Luke displayed in those stories.

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His son Nathan is the real Star Wars expert, who informs Hamill of everything related to Skywalker in the Legends content and new extended canon material.

"My son told me about a cool plotline where they clone Luke from a severed hand."

No doubt Mark Hamill would be able to pull off that rendition of Luke. In fact, he would thrive playing an evil version of Skywalker, implementing a bit of the Trickster and his Joker roots.

Sadly, we will never see the “evil Luke,” but instead, The Last Jedi seems to provide a character who is torn, lost, and jaded, but still good deep down. He is still a hero, and he just needs to find that heroism once again.

Rey, no doubt, will be the one who brings the hero Luke Skywalker back, the one we remember from the original Star Wars films.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres December 15, worldwide.