(Video) Watch: Sebastian Stan’s Luke Skywalker “audition”


Luke Skywalker: Sebastian Stan is embracing his likeness to Mark Hamill.

Ever since The Force Awakens dropped this time two years ago, the 30-year gap of Luke Skywalker’s story has been in high demand by Star Wars fans across the galaxy.

With Mark Hamill returning as Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, we are likely to see flashbacks of Luke’s time building up — then Kylo Ren tearing down — his Jedi Academy.

What actor would be able to take the reigns of a younger version of Luke Skywalker from Mark Hamill?

Obviously, skill is an essential factor, but, the likeness of Hamill is a must for this role. Over the past few years, Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill have bantered back and forth about their familiar look. Recently on MTV’s After Hours, Stan gave his unofficial “audition” for Luke Skywalker.

Stan read some of the lines from A New Hope, having much fun in the process.

"“I don’t even know what Alderaan is.”"

Displaying authentic humility, Stan expressed how big of shoes he would have to fill, joking around about his odds of landing the gig.

"Perfect. I’m like really believing I would have a shot at this movie."

Stan then took to Twitter, embracing the “audition,” showcasing his fun-loving spirit.

Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan have both had much fun, with social media blowing up in the process.

An image of Mark Hamill from his early Star Wars days was altered with Stan’s photoshopped face. Are you even able to tell the difference between the authentic Hamill and Stan’s version?

Hamill calls himself “dad” Skywalker, in relation to Stan, admitting their likeness as well.

In a recent interview, Hamill complimented Stan’s acting skills, admiring the young actor in the process.

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Stan no doubt has Mark Hamill’s stamp of approval, but, it’s ultimately up to Disney/Lucasfilm.

At the age of 35, Stan would be able to pull off Luke Skywalker in his Jedi prime, covering a span of 10-20 years easily.

Stan’s spitting image of Hamill and Luke Skywalker is an opportunity of a lifetime for Lucasfilm, with much more of Skywalker’s story yet to be told.

We have many options, with either a movie or, television show to tell Luke Skywalker adventures. TV would be the ideal way to go, which typically provides more flexibility in storytelling than films.

It’s great timing, with Disney/Lucasfilm in the works of creating a streaming service, similar to Netflix. 

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Once Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres worldwide, December 15, the floodgates will rush wide open for Luke Skywalker adventures, with a live-action version with Sebastian Stan hopefully among them.