We break down the most shocking moments from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Master Yoda drops by

With Luke Skywalker still drowning in his sorrow,  he receives a “pick me up” from his former Master, Yoda. Returning from the netherworld of the Force, Yoda provides Luke with life-changing advice, both figuratively and literally.

Yoda reveals to Luke that the Jedi Order needs to continue, but down a different path, looking towards the future and not back on the past — letting the past die.

Luke and Yoda both burn the sanctuary containing ancient Jedi texts, but unknowingly to them, Rey embraces her inner scavenger, taking them with her.

Luke Skywalker transcends into a true Jedi Master

"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."

We discover that Luke Skywalker turned off his connection to the Force itself while on Ahch-To, meaning he did not know of the death of his dear friend Han Solo or the state of the galaxy.

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After listening to the instruction of Master Yoda, Luke finally understands his “place in all of this.”

He ultimately focuses on the here and now, as well as not focusing on the physical.

In maybe the coolest and unique Star Wars moment ever, Luke uses the Force to appear to the Resistance who was fighting within the remote world of Crait.

We get our Luke and Leia reunion, no doubt leaving a stream of tears flowing down your cheeks.

Not only does Luke Skywalker provide them with hope, but he backs up his words with action. He faces Kylo Ren, so his friends can escape.

The now luminous being bests Kylo Ren, then disappears, mocking Kylo Ren with the words of his father, Han Solo upon his departure.

"See you around, kid."

Luke becomes one with the Force on the ancient Jedi world, but not before twins suns remind him of time’s past, coming full circle. A poetic moment and fitting “end” for Luke Skywalker.

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