The Last Jedi: Admiral Holdo: The hero we don’t deserve


Admiral Holdo: Traitor or Savior in The Last Jedi?

Admiral Holdo: The hero we didn’t deserve in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


With The Last Jedi now out for everyone to see, we finally can figure out who this Admiral Holdo is. With the scare of Leia almost dying, we needed someone to take the torch that is the Resistance and carry on. The command fell into the lap of Admiral Holdo.

We are speculating that she didn’t want to be given control of the Resistance, in the matter that she received it, but she had no choice. Our first encounter with her left us with a bitter taste in our mouths.

As Poe and Admiral Holdo were head-butting throughout the movie, you begin to think she is a controlling, self-centered, scared person and who could blame her? You may sit there in your seat in the theater and say you would respond differently but it’s doubtful.

Poe was, well Poe about the problem. He decided to take matters into his own hands and try to save the rebellion himself. He had already screwed up by not listening to Leia at the beginning, losing all of their bombers, so this risk he took was even higher due to the lack of numbers they had.

Poe had risked the entirety of the Resistance on Finn and Rose’s plan for disabling the enemy ship. Admiral Holdo, on the other hand, was looking past the moment and into the future. She saw the bigger picture and planned accordingly. That’s a lesson Poe painfully learned in this movie.

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As the final escape pod is fueling for evacuation, Poe attempted a mutiny. Apparently, it didn’t work out too well for him.

As he awoke, panic crossed his face to the realization that he was fleeing the cruiser. It wasn’t till Leia sat him down and described the bigger picture to him that he finally understood.

Holdo’s sacrifice to stay behind and allow the rest of the Rebels to get away was a huge testament to her character.

The ability to lay down your life for others and a cause more significant than you is something worth noting in history.

For the duration of her screen time during the movie, we didn’t like her. She went against Poe whom we all wanted to be right and become the leader we needed. She seemed to be only caring about getting herself out of trouble. It wasn’t until she sat down in that captain’s chair in the cruiser, that we finally gave her the respect she deserved.

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Rest In Peace Admiral Holdo, you will be dearly loved and missed. Without you, the Resistance wouldn’t have made it through the day.